Are you looking for wedding favours on a budget? Look no further and check out our cheap wedding favours! LocoMix has created different sorts of wedding favours that are perfect for every budget. Since your wedding day will cost you more than you wish, the cheap wedding favours are a perfect choice. And think about the following: lovely presents do not have to be expensive to be a great ‘Thank You!’.

Wedding favours on a budget

First of all, we have to take a look at all of the possible wedding favours.  We have different sorts of little presents. For example, there are green favours, favours with sweets inside, printed sweets and savoury treats. Which sort would you like to personalize? One of our cheap wedding favours are the Mini Pillow Box wedding Wedding Favours on a budget. These favours are transparent boxes that are pillow-shaped. The Pillow Boxes are filled with sweets of your choice. Personalising the round sticker is possible in our online design tool. On of our romantic designs is shown on the photo above! Isn’t it wonderful to tie the knot with these lovely presents?




Savoury wedding favours on a budget

Less known on the wedding market, are the savoury treats. At LocoMix, we have different sorts of savoury cheap wedding favours.  For example, the Go Nuts wedding nuts are little tins that are filled with savoury seasoned peanuts. Who doesn’t love you eat a snack after a long night of partying on the dancefloor? The tin that is filled with peanuts, can complete be adjusted to your personal preferences. We have a lot of beautiful designs that are created for the wedding market. If you have a special wedding theme or your own idea for the wrapping of the Savoury wedding favours on a budget, this is easy done with the help of our online design tool. The current trend are pastel colours, maybe this is the perfect inspiration for you as you are going to tie the knot soon?