Cheap wedding favours




Merci Chocolates


These delicious Merci Chocolates suit every budget! Surprise friends and family with a personal chocolate greet as a cheap wedding favour. 






Mini Chocolates


The tiny Mini Chocolates are a great gesture to say thank you to all your guests at your wedding. 






Mini Mint To Be


Order these personal Mini Mint to Be rolls per box (75 pieces). The more you order the lower the price gets.








These Sparklers are the perfect cheap wedding favour. How great would it be to fire them at the same time?






Candy Square


Do you have good idea and do you want to make it personal? The filled Candy Square is a good option!






Wedding Favour Tags 


Wedding Tags with a unique design and colourful ribbon. Perfect as a cheap wedding favour!






Love Sweets


The Love Sweets are simple, small and cheap. A delicious personal wedding favour for you wedding!


Different price range for inexpensive wedding favours

Looking for cheap wedding favour ideas? You’re at the right place at LocoMix. At we have a lot of favours in different price ranges. We have many favours who are less than one pound and some between the one and two pounds and two and three pounds. In this way you can make a choice in what suits the best for your budget. Don’t doubt to take a look at the other favours. Who knows there’s something in it for you. Take a good look at our pricelist on our product pages. The more you order the lower the price gets.


Personal budget wedding favours

If you have a small wedding budget you’re still able to choose your perfect favours. A personal favour doesn’t have to be expensive! Besides that you have the option to choose between fourteen different flavours of sweet candy. Each kind of candy has her own price. So you can make the wedding favours as expensive if you like. Pick the ones who suit your wedding budget.After picking the right wedding favours you can add a personal message. Choose for one of our standard designs or personalise in our online design tool. Don’t forget that it’s possible to change the colours, text and that you can add a picture. Everything is possible and the options are infinite.