Hot Chocolate Favours


 Hot Cocoa Pack favours with marshmallows and chocolates


Hot Cocoa Packs


This favour is a treat! The contents of the Hot Cocoa Pack wedding favours are the perfect base for a delicious hot chocolate. The mini dark chocolates and marshmallows can be transferred to a mug or cup and once the warm milk is added, the chocolates will melt. The top card of the Hot Cocoa Pack can be personalised. Order your Hot Cocoa Pack wedding favours for 20 pieces.


Flower seed Favours: plantable seedpaper Flowerbags


Chocolate&Mallow Boxes


The Chocolate & Mallow Box wedding favours are great wedding favour gifts for your winter wedding. The transparent square boxes hold a filling with which your wedding guests can make their own Hot Chocolate. The chocolate and marshmallow filling is not only delicious, but also look great in the transparent favour Boxes. So surprise your guests with these unique and delicious Chocolate & Mallow Box favours that come with a personalised favour sticker. 


Flowerpots: outdoor wedding favours filled with flower seeds


Hot Chocolate Tube favours



These Hot Chocolate Tube favours are the perfect gift at the end of your winter wedding. The glass tubes will be filled with dark chocolates and mini marshmallows. The receiver of the hot chocolate tube favour can place the contents of the tubes into a mug and add warm milk to create a delicious hot chocolate! To make the favours personal, you can add a personalised Craft paper tag.


Hot Chocolate favours | Perfect to warm up a cold winter wedding

Create Warm Memories for Your Guest with these cute hot chocolate wedding favours! For an autumn or winter wedding in particular (once only a traditional winter beverage, but let’s face it, hot chocolate is great at any time of the year!) the idea of hot chocolate wedding favours couldn’t be any more perfect. Above you can find hot chocolate wedding favours inspiration. Hand them out as party favours that are guaranteed to make a cold day a tad warmer!


All type of hot chocolate favours can be ordered from 20 pieces. One favour includes a single serving of a delicious hot chocolate! The favours are filled with dark chocolate tablets and mini marshmallows. This is an easy DIY project your guests are sure to enjoy. They simply need to follow the directions below. The favours come with a note on which the instructions page can be found, but basically it all comes down to filling up the mugs with the contents of the favour, adding hot milk and stir. The easy recipe for a delicious homemade cocoa! Each time they take a sip of our rich decadent hot chocolate, they will be filled with the warmest memories of your special day.




The recipe for a delicious hot chocolate

To transform the Hot chocolate favours into a delicious homemade hot cocoa, the receive only needs to add the contents of the favour to a mug and fill it up with hot milk. To make a hot chocolate, the ratio is 3grams of chocolate and 4 millilitre of milk/water. The steps are as follows:


  • 1. Add the contents of the favour to a mug. You can also sort out the marshmallows and add these later.
  • 2. Heat up the milk or water and add it to the mug.
  • 3. Stir until all chocolate is melted.
  • 4. Add some whipped cream, and the marshmallows if you have sorted them out earlier, and your hot chocolate is ready to go!