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Wedding Favours





Merci Chocolate Favour


The personalised card holds a delicious Merci Chocolate bar made from the finest ingredients. Select your favourite design and a matching ribbon colour. Read more >





Popcorn Weck jar


The Popcorn Weck jar favours are filled with popcorn kernels. Surprise your wedding guests with a fun DIY popcorn project. Read more >





Wedding Sparklers


Let Love Sparkle! Sparklers add an elegant touch to your wedding and they make fantastic wedding favours! Personalise a design or start from scratch! Read more >



Flower pots wedding favours


Flower pot Wedding favours


"Let Love grow" is the message of the Mini Flower Pot wedding favours. Personalised Flower pots are a unique keepsake for your wedding guests! Read more >



wedding favour box candy square


Candy Square Boxes


These transparent favour boxes can be filled with your favourite sweets. The original squared boxes will be tagged with a personalised label. Read more >





Personalised Prosecco Bottle


Miniature Personalised Prosecco bottles are great favours to impress your wedding guests. Easily design the label yourself! Read more >





Confetti Sprinklers


The Confetti Sprinkels wedding favours are small transparent sachets filled with flower confetti from lavender, rose petals or rose-buds. Read more >



 Tic Tac Mint wedding favours


Tic Tac Mint Favours


The Personalised Tic Tac Mints are the perfect refreshment. Are you Mint to Be? Order these favours from 20 pieces. Read more >



wedding favour chocolate favour container


Chocolate Favour Container


A personalised can filled with delicious chocolate lentils makes a great favour. Order the nice chocolate favour containers as sweet treat for your wedding. Read more >



Wedding Favours: Candy Heart


Candy Heart Favour Boxes


Fill these transparent heart-shaped boxes with your favourite sweets & decorate them with your own sticker! Order the Candy Hearts from 20 pieces. Read more >





Click Clack Wedding Tins


The small tins with click-clack opening system are cute wedding favours. Choose your favourite design and filling to make them complete. Read more >



Mini Chocolates


Chocolates Wedding Favours


Order these wrapped personalised Mini Chocolates in bulk. These Chocolates make the perfect dessert paired with coffee. Read more >





Wedding box Favour


Select your favourite sweets and ribbon colour and personalise your own labels to make the Wedding Box favours unique and personal. Read more >





Pringles Chips Favours


Hand out these personalised Pringles chips cans (40grams) as wedding favours to still any salty craving at the end of the wedding day. Original flavour. Read more >





Birdcage Favour


The Birdcages make besides cute favours also great decoration.You can incorporate a favour tag or card and use them as place card holders or favours. Read more >





Wedding Matches


Hand out these Wedding Matches after celebrating that you are the perfect match! These unique favours come with a personalised wrapper. Read more >





Wedding Favour Tags


Single-side printed personalised Wedding Tags are the perfect personal touch to your wedding favours. Choose a ribbon colour to match your design. Read more >





Mini Candy Pails


The concept of the mini Candy Pail wedding favours includes a pail, a personalised tag and your favourite sweets. Order these cute favours from 20 pieces. Read more >





Love Print Bags


The Love Print Favour bags are no burlap sacks but drawstring bags made out of linen. The addtional label can be personalised in our online design tool. Check out all design options! Read more >





Wedding Cookies


Wedding Cookies are printed with your own design and can be ordered in kilos. One kilo holds around 200 cookies. Change the design easily in the tool. Read more >




Wedding Favour Boxes


Wedding Favour Boxes are small cubes in the design of your choice. The Printed Boxes can be filled with your favourite sweets. Available from 20 pieces. Read more >





Wedding Bag Favour


These small sachets are available in two colours: Kraft and silver. Personalise your own labels to create original favours.Select your favourite sweets. Read more >




Wedding Nuts favours


Wedding Nuts favours are small cans filled with peanuts. The Tins will be tagged with a favour label in the personalised design of your choice. Read more >




Wedding Mint Tins


Wedding Mint Tin favours are small tins filled with the sweets of your choice. The Tins will be tagged with a sticker in your personalised design. Read more >



Personalised Candy Cube Wedding Favours


Candy Cube favours


The Candy Cube wedding favours are small transparent boxes, which will be filled with your favourite sweets. Each Cube will be tagged with a sticker. Read more >



Personalised Wedding Lollipops Wedding Favours


Wedding Lollipops


Wedding Lollipops are custom printed lollipops that are the perfect favours or addition to your sweet table. Design your lollies in our online design tool. Read more >





Delft blue Ceramics


Delft blue ceramic figurines of a kissing couple can be ordered without or with a personalised tag. Choose your own design and personalise it with the tool. Read more >



Personalised Wedding Mints Wedding Favours


Printed Mints


Wedding Mints are custom printed bulk wedding mints that can be ordered in kilos. One kilo holds around 330 custom printed wedding mints. Read more >



Personalised Herbal gift tubes Wedding Favours


Herbal Gift Tubes


Gift Tubes are favours filled with salt, herbs or tea combined with a personalised label printed on craft paper. Perfect in combination with several slogans. Read more >





Printed Marshmallows


The Printed Marshmallows are not only very tasty wedding favours. Present them on your weddings sweet table in a high vessel for great looking decoration! Read more >





Heart Window Boxes


Order these cute Heart Window Favour boxes in Craft or white with your personalised sticker. Select your favourite sweets & design. Read more >





Mini Watering Cans


Mini Watering cans are a creative alternative to standard favour boxes. Fill the personalised Watering cans with your favourite sweets. Read more >





Buddha Favours


Share your happiness by handing out the symbol of happiness and contentment: the laughing Buddha. Personalise the favour with a tag. Read more >





Yoyo Favours


The Yoyo is well known as a toy for children, however, with a personalised sticker, the Yoyo also makes a great wedding favour. Read more >





Chocolates Favour Box


The Wedding Chocolates favour boxes are filled with four personalised chocolates. You can personalise all chocolates as well as the chocolates box. The Chocolates are made out of milk chocolate. Read more >







Mini Suitcase favours


This wedding favour is perfect for any couple that loves to travel. Is your wedding ceremony abroad? Surprise your guests with this original keepsake.Read more >





Light Box Wedding Favours


The Light box favour are craft cubed boxes with a cord and heart sleeve. The cut out heart lets the light shine through. The effect is magical if you put LED candles in the boxes. Read more >



Personalised Soap Wedding Favours


Soap Wedding favours


Soap wedding favours are a unique favour that can be handed out at both a wedding and a bridal shower. Adjust the wrapper and packaging of the soap favour to personalise the favour. Read more >



wedding favour Mini Mailbox


Mailbox Favour Container


These small white tin Mailbox favours make the cutest favour containers! A small personalised card inside the mailbox will surprise the receiver. Add your favourite sweets.  Read more >



Personalised Candy Jar Wedding Favours


Candy Jar Wedding favours


Candy Jars with a personalised sticker make perfect wedding favours for any sweet tooth. You can choose from different sticker designs and sweets to fill your perfect favours with! Read more >



Green Watering Can


These mini watering cans make the cutest favours for your garden themed wedding. Choose a design for the wrapper and your favourite flower seeds to complete the favour. Read more >


Green Weck Jars wedding favours flowerseeds


Green Weck Jars favours


Mini Weck Jars filled with the flower seeds of your choice! Personalise the wrapper of these wedding favours and communicate the one message that matters: "Let Love Grow!" Read more > 





Mini Mint to Be favours


Mini Mint to Be favours are small and fresh peppermint rolls for your wedding guests. The favours are wrapped in a silver foil and will be covered with a personalised design. Read more >





LoveBirds Wedding favours


LoveBirds wedding favours are cute salt and pepper shakers that come with a box. Personalise the wrapper of these favour boxes for unique wedding favours for your guests! Read more >



Wedding Favours: Typewriter Magnets


Typewriter Magnets Favours


An original keepsake of your wedding! Surprise your wedding guests with 'vintage' Typewriter Magnets wedding favours. Personalise the wrapper of the favours to add a personal touch. Read more >





Mini Slot Machine favours


Tell your wedding guests you hit the jackpot with these Mini Slot Machine favours. Spin the wheel to receive a Double Bubble. Personalise the sticker in our design tool. Read more >



Wedding favours Green Mini Pails


Green Pails Wedding favours


Green Pails are small tin wedding favours filled with flower seeds. There are different seeds to choose from: Four-Leaf Clover, Sunflower, Passion Flower and more. Read more >



Wedding Favours: Personalised Chewing gum


Personalised Chewing Gum


The Personalised Chewing gums are suitable as a refreshing taste at the end of your wedding day. Create your own design for the blister chewing gum package. Read more >



Wedding favours: plantable seedpaper Flowerbags


Flowerbags wedding favours


Flowerbags are filled with colourful confetti seed paper that contains wildflower seeds! Personalise the topcard of the Flowerbag in our design tool. Great for an outdoor or eco wedding. Read more >



Wedding favours Weck Jar Container


Sweet Weck Jar favours


Weck Jar containers with personalised stickers make sweet wedding favours. The filling is adjustable, from Jellybeans, Peppermints and more. Read more >



Wedding Favours: Personalised Pillow Box Favour


Mini Pillow Box Favours


Personalised Mini Pillow Boxes can be filled with different kinds of sweets, like Jellybeans & Peppermints. Create your own design for the sticker. Read more > 





Rubber Duck Favours


The hunt is over! Show your funny side with this original Rubber Duck wedding favour. Order duck brides, grooms or both. You can add a personalised tag.  Read more >



wedding favour purse favour boxes


Purse Favour Boxes


These pink handbag-shaped favour boxes are great for all the girls at your wedding or hen party. The favours will be tagged with a unique sticker.  Read more >



wedding favour tubes


Wedding Tube favours


A sweet ending to a new beginning. Read more, select a design and start customising the sticker in our online design tool. Oder your Tubes from 20 pieces. Read more >



Gumball wedding favour


Gumball wedding favour


The Gumball wedding favours are really working Gumball machines. A personalised favour tag makes the favour also personal and unique. Read more >





Chocolate Bar Favours


The Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate bar favours contain 50 grams of delicious fair-trade milk chocolate. Personalize the sleeve for the bars yourself. Read more >





Clear Sweet Bag Favour


The small transparent sachets will be filled with a two-sided printed personalised card and your favourite sweets. Personalise the cards yourself! Read more >





Lip Balm favours


The Lip Balm favours are great for a winter wedding or a hen party goodiebag. The balm has a sweet vanilla smell and come with a personalised label.Read more >





Candy Ball Baubles


Candy Ball Bauble wedding favours are clear fillable plastic balls (diameter 8cm) with a sweet filling. They are great favours or décor. Read more >





Round Tin Favours


These silver Round tin favours, with a diameter of 7cm, can be filled with your favourite sweets. Check out all design possibilities. Read more >



Wedding Favours: Personalised Candy Heart Favourd


Personalised Candy Hearts


The Personalised Candy Heart favours will be printed with the design of your choice. Personalise your sweets with the online design tool. Order in kilos. Read more > 



Personalised Wedding purse favour bags


Wedding Purse Favour Bags


Great favours for your wedding guests or your hen party attendees. Personalise the Wedding Purses with our online design tool and select your favourite filling. Read more >





Hot Cocoa Packs


The Hot Cocoa Packs with a personalised top card are the perfect DIY-hot chocolate favour. Surprise your guests with a delicious afterglow. Read more >



 Mint to Be wedding favours


Mint to Be Favours


Are you mint to be? Surprise your guests with this personalised refresher. Check out all design options and start personalising with the tool. Read more >



Green Bag Wedding Favours


Personalised Green Bags are unique plantable wedding favours. Fun fact: the seeds can be germinated in the sachets! Read more >



wedding favour heart-shaped playing cards


Heart-shaped Playing Cards


The Heart-shaped Playing Cards are perfect for a casino or Vegas themed wedding. Customise the wrapper of the card box. Are you Two of a Kind? Read more >





Hot Chocolate Tubes


Hot Chocolate Tubes are filled with mini dark chocolates and mini marshmallows. The perfect ingredients for a delicious hot cocoa! Personalise the label. Read more >





Chocolate&Mallow favours


The Chocolate & Mallow Boxes are great winter wedding gifts. With the contents of the favour, your guests can make their own Hot Chocolate. Read more >



Wedding favours | Perfect gesture for your wedding guests

After a spectacular wedding day, your guests deserve a sign of appreciation for sharing this special day with you. Handing out wedding favours at the end of your wedding day is the perfect way to show that you are thankful for their attendance during this special day!


LocoMix has a wide variety of unique and original wedding favours that will be a lasting reminder of your special wedding day, no matter your budget! There are practical favours available such as Wedding Chewing Gum or Typewriter Magnets but there are also wedding favours that may fit your wedding theme perfectly! Are you getting married in the summer? Then choose, for example, one of our eco-friendly wedding favours with flower seeds or, if you are getting married in the winter, then choose our Mini Chocolate tablets to hand out to your wedding guests!


However, there is one thing that all of our unique wedding favours have in common, all the favours will have a wrapper, cover or sticker with the design of your choice. You can customise the design yourself through our Online Design Tool! So add your names, wedding date and with some favours, there is even space for a small ‘thank you’ note. Besides, you can also add photo’s, texts and elements of which you can change the colour or the font. This way you are always sure of unique and original wedding favours that will let your guests jaws drop!