Chocolate Favours







Merci Chocolate


The personalised card holds a delicious Merci Chocolate bar made from the finest ingredients. Select your favourite design and a matching ribbon colour. 





Mini Chocolates


The Mini Chocolate wedding favours can be ordered per box of 100 pieces. All milk mini chocolates will be personalised with your own created wrapper..





Chocolate & Mellow Box


The transparant Chocolate & Mellow Box wedding favours are Hot Chocolate DIY kits for your wedding guests. You can personalise the label online.





Chocolate Containers


The Chocolate Favour Containers are filled with the tastiest small chocolate lentils. Lovely to present your guests with. Personalise the warpping yourself!





Hot Chocolate Tubes


The glass Tubes are filled with chocolate and marshmallows. With the content, your guests can make their own Hot Chocolate. Ordered from 20 pieces. 





Chocolate Favour Boxes


Personalised printed wedding favours boxes that hold 4 chocolates with a special message for your wedding guests. Order from 20 pieces.





Hot Cocoa Pack


With the Hot Cocoa Pack wedding favours, your wedding guests can make their hot chocolate at home. These favours can be ordered from 20 pieces.





Tony Chocolonely Bars


Lovely chocolate bars with a wrapper of your choice! Surprise friends and family with high quality milk chocolate. Ordered from 20 pieces. 





Go Nuts


Personalised wedding favour Chocolate Nuts, wrapped in a special message for your wedding guests. What is your favourite design? Order from 20 pieces.



Chocolate Favours

Who doesn't love chocolate? The Chocolate Wedding Favours that LocoMix created, are perfect for every sort of wedding. Create your own lovely design by using our online design tool. The tool will show you all of the possibilties for the wrapping of the personalised chocolate favours. Do you have a specific theme for your wedding day? It is very nice to use this theme when personalising your chocolote favours. Most of the wedding favours are filled with milk chocolate flavour. Only the Merci Chocolates are made of different sorts of chocolate flavours.


Unique Chocolate Favours

Do you have a slightly bigger budget? Please take a look at our luxury favours. For example, the Chocolate & Mellow chocolate favours that can be personalised. The boxes are filled with chocolate lentils and marshmallows for perfect Hot Chocolate wedding favour. A longlasting memory after your wedding day has ended. Chocolate favours are not the only sweet favours that we offer. If you are a bigger fan of other sweets, please feel free to look at our wedding favours with sweets. There are lots of favours that can be filled with a sort of sweets that you prefer. For example, we have the Mini Pillow Box. A transparant pillow-shaped box with a personalised sticker in a design of your choice. If you have any questions about our design tool, or about any favour, please feel free to contact us.