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Wedding Invitations





Vellum Wedding Invitations


The Vellum overlay adds a rich layer of dimension to your invitations. Besides that, the semi-transparent overlay gives lots of possibilities regarding design. The translucent vellum overlays are combined with a single-sided printed card for a unique look. Read more >




Puzzle Wedding Invitations


Puzzle wedding invitations are an original way to inform friends and family about your special day. The Puzzle will arrive in pieces and the receiver will first need to solve the puzzle before he or she discovers the message. Read more >




Message in a Tin Invitations


Message in a Tin invitations are wedding cards that can be send without an envelope. This original invitations are a great way to invite your friends and family to your wedding. Choose your favorite design and personalize online. Read more >




Out of the Box Wedding Invitations


The Out of the Box wedding invitations are very special! The Cubes will literally jump out of the envelope. There are different designs for the Out of the Box invitations which you can personalize yourself! Read more >




Turning Card Wedding Invitations


The Turning Card wedding invitations have a never ending folding mechanism. Choose your favourite design, personalise online and order from 20 pieces to surprise your wedding guests with a unique wedding invitation.Read more >




Bundle Wedding Invitations


The Bundle Wedding Invitations are unique wedding cards that consist of 5 separate cards that will be bound together with a string. All the separate cards can be personalised online and the invitations can be ordered from 20 pieces.Read more >




Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations


Message in a Bottle invitations are unique wedding cards that can be send without an envelope. These invitations are a great way to invite your friends and family to your wedding. Choose your favorite design and personalize online. Read more >




ChangeCard Wedding Invitations


The ChangeCard wedding invitations have a unique image changing mechanism. You can personalise the ChangeCard invitations yourself by using the online Design Tool. These wedding invitations can be ordered from 20 pieces. Read more >



Wedding Invitations | Original and personal wedding announcements

Choosing the perfect wedding invitations is really import, not as important as choosing the right dress but it's coming really close! Your wedding invitations are the first impression of your wedding day for your friends and family. You want to surprise them with an original invitation that not only sets the right mood for your wedding day but is also close to your personalities. As your wedding cards set the tone for your big day, you should not settle for something standard and impersonal. Therefore LocoMix offers only wedding invitation cards with customizable designs.


On this page, you will find all our wedding invitations that can be shipped to the UK. The wedding invitations UK selection includes elegant, sophisticated invitations and special cards with unique effects. All original wedding invitations have enough space for all the required wedding information. Besides the essential information, there is always the possibility to make the design more personal by adding your own elements or even a picture.


Custom wedding invitations and announcement cards

LocoMix offers you a unique collection of designs, which you can alter yourself with our online design tool. Choose from our collection of easily customizable, professionally-designed wedding invitation templates or create your own from scratch. Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, everything is completely customizable. Change text items, fonts, colours and more easily yourself! Of course, you can always request the help of one of our designers. We can help you with designing your perfect wedding announcement cards. If you can’t find the right design in our collection, please don’t hesitate to mail us with your requirements and add an example of your wishes. Our graphic designers are happy to create a custom wedding invitation that fits your theme and colours perfectly. Your celebration requires a special announcement!


To create a matching wedding style and theme, you can order our wedding favours in the same style as your wedding invitations. If your selected wedding invitation template isn’t available in combination with your favourite favour, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will create your favourite wedding favours with the same design as your personalised and custom wedding invitations.