Plant Instructions

Congratulations, you have received one of our 'green favours'. On this page you will find the instructions on how to plant the flowerseeds that are inside your favour! The used images used on this page are for illustrative purposes only. So, if you have received a different sort of 'green favour', the instructions are exactly the same. Have we made you curious? Please read this full article to see how you treat your flowerseeds best. The usage of the favour is easy peasy, no problem for people who don't love gardening. Just a little bit of love and water will do the trick! Enjoy your own beautiful flowers.

Beneath, you will see the types of flowerseeds that we sell with their specifiations on when to plant them:

  •  Passionflower: June up to and including November (germ time: +/- 40 days)
  •  Sunflower: July up to and including September (germ time: +/- 20 days)
  •  Strawberryplant: June up to and including September (germ time: +/- 14 days)
  •  Indian Cherry (edible): June up to and including September (germ time: +/- 14 days)
  •  Forget me not: April up to and including Juni (germ time: +/- 10 days)
  •  Burning Love: July up to and including August (Germ: +/- 14 days)
  •  Clover: June up to and including September (germ time: +/- 30  days)



Step 1. The received favour


The received favours exists of a weckjar, flowerpot, green watering can, green bag, mini pail or flowerbag that is covered with a personalised wrapping or sticker. Green favours come with all of the necessities to make the flowers grow!





Step 2. Potting Soil


Start with adding 30 milliliters of tepid water to the seed tablet. Hereby potting soil will be created, enough to plant your flowerseeds. Put the seed tablet in a small dish and add the water. After approximately 15 minutes, the seed tablet will be saturated. Please pay attention: have you received a green bag favour? You can cut open the bag on the upper side and the bag will remain standing. Sunlight will be able to reach the seeds inside the green bag, and the seeds will be able to grow.





Step 3. Planting the flowerseeds

After filling the green favours with the potting soil, it is ready to be planted with the seeds. Gently press the seeds into the potting soil. It is important to keep the potting soil moist. The favours should be placed in, for example, the windowsill to make sure the sunlight will reach the favour.  Give the seeds some water every now and then, but don't overdo it!




Step 4. Replant

When the plants have grown about 4-5 centimeters, the plant is ready to be replanted in a bigger pot or in the open ground. As told in this article, the seeds can be planted through the year. Please think about the flowering time of the particular flowerseeds to make sure you will enjoy your green favour in full bloom! For all green favours: please keep the potting soil moist at all time! Otherwise, the flowers might not start to gow.