Names Cookies

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  • Buy 1 for £59.40 each
  • Buy 2 for £53.90 each   
  • Buy 3 for £48.40 each   
  • Buy 4 for £46.40 each   
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  • In the quantity box, you can state the AMOUNT OF KILO'S you would like to order.
  • The diameter of one cookie is 4 centimetres.
  • Wedding Cookies can only be ordered in kilos.
  • One kilo holds around 200 custom printed cookies.
  • The Wedding Cookies will be a mix of three colours: yellow, orange and pink.
  • The back of the cookies is printed with random English words related to love. The cookies cannot be filtered.
  • The colours you see on your screen can slightly deviate from reality. This includes the colours of the cookies as well as the colours of the designs.

The Personalised Cookies are the perfect treat for any sweet tooth. They come in a standard combination of pink, yellow and orange. If you don’t like too much decoration on the cookies, choose the text design option. This design option holds standard only text items. You can easily add your names and wedding date. But it is also possible to delete the standard texts or change them to any text of your choice. You can incorporate quotes, your own wedding #, and more! Select your favourite font to make the Printed Wedding Cookies even more unique. Try to avoid text sizes below 8pt and small fonts, as this might cause readability issues due to sludging. The green lines indicate the text margins, all your text items will need to stay within these lines. Before you start personalising the cookies, state the amount of kilo’s you would like to order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.