Hearts Candy Hearts

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  • Buy 1 for £48.95 each   
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  • Buy 3 for £40.95 each   
  • Buy 4 for £38.95 each   
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  • In the quantity box, you can state the AMOUNT OF KILO'S you would like to order.
  • The Personalised Candy Hearts come in a mix of pink, yellow, orange and white hearts.
  • Change colours, texts and fonts in our online design tool.
  • The Candy hearts can be ordered per kilo.
  • Candy Hearts with a diameter of 22mm (1 kilo holds around 370 hearts.)
  • On the back of the hearts there are random love-related words in English, German and Dutch.
  • This design is the favourite of many. The colours and design of the Hearts design are playful. The Hearts look like they were drawn by hand. You can adjust the colours of the hearts and text elements in our online design tool. Please pay attention to the fact that light colours and text sizes below 8pt. may cause readability issues. You can order the Candy Hearts with the Heart design in two sizes: 22 mm and 40 mm. One kilo of 22 mm hearts holds around 370 sweets and one kilo of 40 mm hearts holds around 125 sweethearts. Make your choice and start customising the design in our online design tool. If you have questions relating to our online design tool, the Candy Heart wedding favours or our order process, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or mail.

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