Hold my Hand Weck Jar

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  • Each jar measures H6 x W4,2 cm.

  • The Weck Jars can be ordered from 20 pieces.
  • The Weck Jar Favour containers are made of glass.
  • The colour of the design can slightly deviate from reality.

  • The Weck Jar Favour containers can be filled with candy.
  • The Mini Slot Machine stickers come in many different designs and each design can be customised.
  • The Weck Jars are available with different kinds sweets: Jellybeans in different colours, Peppermint hearts, Sweet hearts, Chocolate pastilles and Mocha beans.

Hold my hand is an elegant and minimalistic type of design, the drawn hands form the key element of the wedding favour design. The little hearts add some romance to it. The Craft paper background of the design cannot be changed. However, it is possible to delete the whole Craft paper background and make use of a one colour background instead. Deleting the Craft background is simple. Click on the background in the design canvas and press delete. To add a different background colour, use the menu on the left. If you would like to change existing elements like the colour of the hands, hearts or text, select the element by clicking on it, and the menu that appears on the right will provide all the necessary options. The Hold My Hand Weck Jar Favour Containers sticker will complement any sweets. Choose for example white Jellybeans or Peppermint hearts to stay in the rustic vibes, or choose the Rainbow, Blue or Fuchsia Jellybeans to add some colour to your favours!