Drawn Flowers Sparklers

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  • Size Sparklers favour cards: 5W x 18H cm.
  • The Sparklers can be ordered from 20 pieces.
  • The favour cards will be printed double sided. Which means you can personalise both, the front and back of the cards.
  • Three sparklers will be put through the personalised favour cards.
  • This favour consists of a double sided printed favour card, three sparklers and a transparent protection sachet.
  • The transparent sachets have two small holes, in order to let air out, and a small recycle sign.

The concept of the Sparklers wedding favours consists of 3 sparklers, a transparent sachet and a personalised card. As you have seen we have a varied collection of designs and there is also the possibility to create your own design from scratch. The Drawn Flowers design is elegant. The design is basic with its black and white print, but can easily be altered with our online design tool. Click on the flowers and give them a colour that matches your overall wedding theme. Or change the background colour by using the option in the menu. Try different fonts and texts to make your favours even more personal. Of course, you can also give the text elements a different colour. Change the blue to any colour you like, just try to avoid really light pastel tones, as this may cause readability issues.