Onesie Baby Shower Cookies

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  • Buy 1 for £54.90 each
  • Buy 2 for £49.90 each   
  • Buy 3 for £44.50 each   
  • Buy 4 for £40.00 each   
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  • In the quantity box, you can state the AMOUNT OF KILO'S you would like to order.
  • The diameter of one cookie is 4 centimetres.
  • Baby shower Cookies can only be ordered in kilos.
  • One kilo holds around 200 custom printed cookies.
  • The baby shower Cookies will be a mix of three colours: yellow, orange and pink.
  • The back of the cookies is printed with random English words related to love. The cookies cannot be filtered.
  • The colours you see on your screen can slightly deviate from reality. This includes the colours of the cookies as well as the colours of the designs.

The adorable Onesie design is the perfect match for any baby shower favour, as the mommy to be will be seeing and changing them a lot. The Onesie design for your baby shower Cookies is, therefore, the perfect choice. To make the personalised Cookies even more personal, you can personalise the design by using our online Design Tool. Here you can add your preferred texts to the Onesie baby shower Cookies design. Try, for example, to add the birth date and name of the baby or try to add the name of the mommy to be combined with the baby shower date! Keep in mind by selecting a colour for the elements and texts, that the print will be seen on three different coloured Cookies. The Cookies namely come in a standard mix of orange, yellow and pink.