Personalised Prosecco


With these cute little Prosecco bottles you will surely impress your wedding guests. Personalise the lable on the front and you will have a wedding favour your guests can use to relive your magical day.





Fortune Cookies


Want to share your good fortune? With these wedding favour Fortune Cookies your guests will be ready for the future. Customize the box and make these wedding favours perfect for you!




Personalised Cookies


Different colour cookies with your design printed on them. These wedding favours are delicious for on the table or to give to your guests afterwards. Check out the page for all the available designs!





Pringles Chips


What would be a more perfect savoury wedding favour than a small can of Pringles? Design your own wrapper or pick one of our designs and make it your own!





Mini Mail Box Container


These wedding favours with a vintage vibe are not only perfect for you destination wedding, but also incredibly cute when you want a unique, one-of-a-kind favour. Pick your favourite design and make it your own!




Popcorn Weck Jar


Make your wedding favours even more popping with the Popcorn Weck Jar. Thank your guests for popping by with this unique and cute wedding favour. Edit the card to make it even more personal!





Go Nuts


This wedding favour is perfect for when you guests went Nuts at your wedding! This favour will give them enough energy to arrive home safely after an amazing party.





Personalised Favour Box


These beautiful boxes can be printed with the design of your choice and further personalised with pictures and text. Fill the boxes with sweets of your choice and your favours become a perfect representation of the happy couple!




Wedding Purse


The Wedding Purse is a small bag which can be filled with sweets of your choice. This cute wedding favour will let your guests know that you appreciate their attendance at your big day!





Hot Cocoa Pack


With these Hot Cocoa Pack's your wedding favours become a real treat! Empty the cute bag in a nice cup of hot milk, stir for a minute and voila! Hot chocolate!





Chocolate & Mallow Box


Perfect for a Winter wedding or for anyone who loves hot chocolate. This Chocolate & Mallow Box is a fun and sweet wedding favour your guests will definitely appreciate!




Hot Chocolate Tubes


Nothing quite gives people a warm feeling like a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. With these Hot Chocolate Tubes for wedding favours your guests can make their own cup while thinking back on your big day.





Love Sweets


Cute sweets wrapped with your personally designed wrapper as a perfect personal touch. Sweet to give as a wedding favour, even sweeter to get!





Personalised Big Candy Hearts


Put these Big Candy Hearts on the table at your wedding of give them as a Personalised Wedding Favour. Either way, they will be a definite hit!




Herbal Gift Tubes


Spice up your wedding favours by giving your guests these Herbal Gift Tubes. Choose the herbs and personalise the 'Thank You' card to make it fit your wedding!





Mini Mint To Be


Mini peppermints as wedding favour sweets with a personalised design for your guests. A nice and fresh surprise!





Weck Jar


Sweet wedding favours in a glass jar. The Weck Jars will feature a personalised sticker designed by you. A little sweets jar as a favour for your wedding guests!




Mini Chocolates


What would a category about sweets be without chocolate? These Mini Chocolates wedding favours are made out of pure chocolate.





Merci Chocolate


These delicious Merci chocolates are individually attached to a double-sided personalised card! Always delivered in a variety of flavours.




Candy Square


Candy Square wedding favours are see-through boxes which can be filled-up with different types of sweets.







These Heartbag wedding favours can be filled-up with different types of sweets. Top these sweet wedding favours off with a personalised sticker.





Mini Pillow Box


These trendy and compact wedding favours are transparant and filled with sweets. With a personalised sticker as a final touch.





Mini Candy Pail


This cute wedding favour consists of a Mini Pail filled with sweets and personalised Thank You note.





Wedding Box


These fancy Wedding Boxes come in different colours. Fill them up with sweets of your choice. The Thank You note and ribbon are the perfect finishing touches.





Clear Sweet bag


The Clear Sweet Bags are wedding favours which can be filled-up with different types of sweets.





Wedding Mint Tins


These sweets come in a small tin with their own sticker. The Wedding Mint Tins are available in different colours. Pick your favourite sweets to fill the tins with.





Love Print Favour Bags


These cute burlap sacks with Love, 100% Sweet printed on them are the perfect wedding favours. Fill the bags with your favourite sweets.





Personalised Tic Tac Favours


Personalise these Tic Tac Favours with your own personal design. A fresh and minty wedding favour!





Wedding Tubes


These glass tubes with lids made of cork can be filled with sweets of your choice. The personalised sticker adds a personal touch to this wedding favour.





Mini Watering Can


This Mini Watering Can is wedding favour your guest will definitely remember. Fill it up with sweets and nuture your guests' sweet tooth.





Personalised Lollipops


These lollipops are made out of grape sugar and can be personalised by adding your own text. A fun way of thanking your wedding guests.





Mini Slot Machines


These cute Mini Slot Machines are filled with gumballs. Pull the lever to win a price. Will you win the jackpot?





Chocolate Favour Containers


This can filled with chocolates comes with a customizable wrap. Give a personal touch to your wedding favours.





Candy Jar


Fill these small glass jars with sweets of your choice. Add a personal touch to your wedding favour by designing your own sticker.





Mini Suitcase


This plastic see-through suitcase has a cute little handle and can be filled with candy of your choice. Edit the sticker so your wedding favour becomes even more personal.





Candy Cube


A transparant cube which can be filled with sweets of your choice. You get to design a sticker and decide on the weight of the cube.





Round Tin


A round tin with a personal wrapper. Pick one of the many different designs we offer and then choose which sweets you want inside.





Gumball Wedding Favour


This fascinating mini Gumball machine comes with gum in many different flavours. This is definitely a surprising wedding favour.





Tony Chocolonely Chocolate Bars


This Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar  is the ultimate chocolate wedding favour. Personalise the wrapper to give your favour a personal touch.





Wedding Chocolates Favour Box


This wedding favour contains four chocolates. You can not only personalise the box itself, but also the four individual wrappers. A delicious favour.





Personalised Chewing Gum


Your personally designed wrapper, your own wedding gum. The pack contains gum by the brand Sportlife.





Printed Marshmallows


A fun and sweet give-away for your wedding day: Printed Marshmallows. You pick the design to feature on the Marshmallows.





Candy Ball Bauble


A transparant globe which you can fill with sweets of you choice. The Candy Ball Bauble is a cute wedding favour for the guests of your big day.





Personalised Candy Hearts


Sweet candy as a wedding favour. Pick a design, make it your own and treat your guests to some Personalised Candy Hearts.





Click Clack Tin


A small, round, white tin personalised with your designed sticker. Pick the sweets you want inside.





Wedding Mints


Printed wedding favours: personalised Mints. Check out the link to see all the available designs.


Edible Wedding Favours

Read everything about edible wedding favours from LocoMix on this page. Weddings are often filled with a lot of laughter, dancing and talking. Having a wedding favour that replenishes energy might therefore be a great way of thanking your guests for being part of your big day. We offer many different types of favours in many different flavours. So whether you are sweet tooth or you prefer more savoury treats we have many diffent edible favours which will more than likely fit your styles and needs. So choose the wedding food favour you like and make it your own!

Not only can you design or personalise the wrappers, cards or stickers featured on your favours. As well, you are able to pick the contents of your wedding favours. There are different flavours and types of fillings available. That way we can ensure there will be something to everyone’s liking. 


Free personalisation through the online design tool

Our edible wedding favours can be assembled to your wishes. Pick your favourite colours or choose something to compliment your wedding’s theme and find the design which suits your ideas the most. You can incorporate your own personal text or even design on either the candy or the containers. That way your guest won't be able to forget your big day!

Don’t forget to use the online design tool on the product page. The tool provides you with a clear overview of what the end product will look like. Have fun designing your own wedding favours!