Are you getting married in May just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Than keep reading! In this blog we will tell you all about the tips and tricks to have your own royal wedding.

Imagine this: you and the love of your life are standing in the location of your dreams, perhaps a castle? You are surrounded with your closest friends and your beloved family. You both said yes and now you are husband and wife. This is the most beautiful day of your life. The party goes on until the sun goes up, the guest are starting to leave and then you remember you have no favours……

Of course this isn’t going to happen if you use our tips on which elements you should add to your wedding to make it complete!


A royal wedding location

A royal wedding of course means you have to have the perfect location. A castle or a palace so you can feel like a king and queen for a day. An amazing, huge ballroom where you and your guests can have a real festive meal on big long tables with silver supper ware. A perfect gift for your wedding guests are the LoveBirds salt and pepper shakers. These salt and pepper shakers are made out of porcelain, which gives that extra royal feeling to it.

It’s the season

May is an extremely popular month to get married. Not only because the famous prince of England is going to wed that month but also because of the spring! Beautiful weather, birds are singing and you can have an outdoors wedding! Doesn’t that sound romantic? To complete the theme of the spring you can give your guests the Flower Pot wedding favours. The terracotta flowerpots are filled with seeds of your choice, maybe your favorite flowers? Let the love grow is the message on the pots, how beautiful is it to give this to your closest family and friends?

A perfect ending to a perfect day

To end your wedding perfectly: use the Love Sparklers as a wedding favour. You can give the sparklers to your guests at the end of the day so they can all light them together. The Love Sparklers each contain three sparklers and a small plastic sachet. The fun part is that you can personalize these sparkling favours. You can choose your own text, colour and images like a picture of the happy couple. Tip: choose the marble and gold design to make the royal theme complete!

If you add these elements and wedding favours to your wedding you will, like Harry and Meghan, have your own royal wedding in May.