Looking for the latest wedding trends? No worries, we will tell you all the ins & outs about the upcoming wedding season! Because there is nothing changing as fast as trends on behalve of the weddings during the year, we will keep you up to date. In this blog we will sum up the most outstanding things you want to have on your special day.

Wedding trend number 1: Botanical vibes

For over many years, flowers have been a great part of wedding parties. Since flowers give you this luxurious and happy feeling, there has been an update on this tradition. Meet the new one: Botanical! Green, fresh and happy for every sort of wedding party. You can easily transform a part of you wedding into this Botanical trend by, for instance your invitation. To make this trends dominates the day of your wedding, we have created several wedding invitations and wedding favours that match this trend. 


Wedding trend number 2: Bold Colours

With bold colours, you can’t go wrong! The happiness of your wedding day is perfect for this trend. Think about pink, red, all the colours that define LOVE. This trend can be followed by using these colours as the basis for you decoration. Candles, flowers, sparklers and more! Also, you can buy, for example, personalised Prosecco Bottles with a label in one of our designs with Bold Colours. Is this trend something you would like for your wedding day?


Wedding trend number 3: ECO!

Since we live in the year 2020, we need to take responsibilities for our future: an ECO wedding is the next trend! To make sure the wedding is as eco-friendly as can be, you can use less plastic props. Or: use biodegradable confetti when you would like to have some confetti during you ceremony. Small things make a great difference! 

weck jar

So now you are fully ready for the wedding season! If you want a wedding invitation or a wedding favour in one of the trends mentioned in this blog, please take a look at our products