The summer months are the favourite months for weddings. Think about a beach wedding, a garden wedding and a dinner in the woods. Accompanied by cold drinks, beautiful flowers and colourful decoration, your summer wedding will be complete! To reveal this dream wedding, it would be perfect to let your wedding invitations match the summer season perfectly. This way, your wedding guests will look forward to the summer season and your wedding and the wedding theme can be revealed directly. In this blog, you will read everything about wedding invitations summer wedding.

Wedding invitation ideas for your summer wedding

The Message in a Bottle is perfect as an invitation to your own wedding at the beach. However, when you make use of the online Design Tool, it is possible to make any wedding invitation perfect for your summer wedding. In the online Design Tool, you can adjust all the design of the wedding invitations to your own wishes.

Would you like your wedding invitations to resemble the summer season? That design as, Lemon, Floral Chic, Botanical, Cosy Purple and Olive might be the perfect choice for you. These designs all have one thing in common: the fit a summer wedding perfectly! However, the designs are also very different from each other! The Botanical design is modern while the Lemon and Olive design is elegant and rustic.   Flowers are characteristic for the Floral and Cosy Purple designs. However, the Floral design is very festive while the Cosy Purple design is most elegant. The best thing about all these designs is that you can personalise them by using our online Design Tool. In the Design Tool, you can add elements, texts and images and change colours and fonts until you’ve created your perfect wedding invitations summer wedding. This way it is possible to let your unique wedding invitations match your wedding theme, dress code or the wedding decorations!

Are you ready to look for your own perfect wedding invitations summer wedding? Check out all of our unique and surprising wedding invitations and choose your favourite design. It is also possible to create a design yourself, if you’d like to do this, choose the ‘Create Your Own’ option. Do you need help with creating the design for your invitations summer wedding or would you like to have a custom-made design from our graphic designers? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help you with creating the perfect wedding invitations!