Are you getting married? Congratulations! Time to start the preparations for the big day. This is some much fun. But, where to start? By choosing a theme and creating the perfect wedding invitations! At LocoMix, we understand the process of creating the perfect wedding. Therefore, we have created themes that match your wedding invitations ánd your wedding favours. How? We will explain it in this blog. 

Wedding invitations

A special wedding invitation will help you to start the experience of the wedding as early as possible! The guests receive there invitation and see the wedding theme within one blink. Perfect! The wedding cards from LocoMix are cheap, unique and have that surprising effect your are searching for. For example the Out of the Box card: a cube that jumps out of the envelope when you open it. If you don’t have an idea what your wedding theme needs to be, please have a look at our Cosy Purple design! The lovely flowers and pinkish/purple colors fill the room with love. And, not only the cards can be designed with this unique design…


Wedding favours

The base of the ‘thank you for coming’ for your guests: the fancy wedding favours. Use our tool to design your own and to make sure you thank your guests in a way that you like. For example, the sparklers are very cute! These are made of 3 little lighting sparklers with a card in a design of your choice. The Gold Watercolor is warm, modern and has a gold-colored touch! All of our wedding invitations are there to be matched with your wedding favours.  


We hope these examples will give you some inspiration for your own wedding!

Your theme not available on our products?
We have tried to make designs that fit every wedding. Is you idea not available? No stress! There is a blank design of all of our products, that give you the freedom of creating your own design. Start with the online design tool after choosing the products and find out the possibilities!

Enjoy the preparations of your special day!