As one of the most essential products to make sure your wedding party will be a great succes, the wedding couple has to decide on the prettiest wedding invitation. A new trend that we have discovered, are the wedding invitation packages. These inviations are not just a normal card! The wedding invitation packages are special invitation that exists of different small parts that together make a wonderfull inviation. Do you want to know more about this new trend? Continue reading! We will tell you everything you want to know.       


Design your own Wedding Invitation Packages!

When it comes to wedding inviations, the options and the money it takes to pull of the perfect one might seem overwhelming. But, we’re here to make sure you’re wedding invitation will make you happy! The Wedding invitation sets that LocoMix has created, exist from different layers. We call them: Bundle Wedding Invitations. Each layer of this card has a different shape and size. The main theme can be created by chosing one of our unique designs that are created by our graphic designers. One of the modern designs is the Botanical design, shown in the illustration below. This design is beautifully decorated with green botanical leaves. More interested in a classic design? Take a look at our other designs. When you have chosen a lovely design, you can start with personalising your bundle. One of the special services that LocoMix stands for. The tool will help you putting up all the texts and illustrations on the different layers of this invitations. Tied together with a small bow of rope.


Other unique wedding invitations?

If the wedding invitations sets are not what your are looking for in a wedding invitation, we have created lots of other unique ideas! For example the luxurious Vellum Card or the originial Out of the Box card. Everything is possible to be completely personalised. Take this in mind: what is not to like about unique wedding invitations to make sure everybody visits your wedding?!