The celebration of a wedding is the perfect opportunity to give it your all! When planning the whole day, it is easy to forget the wedding favours. But, wedding favours are the biggest ‘thank you!’ that your guests can receive. To make sure everybody returns to their homes with a smile on their face, remembering the biggest party of the year, it is lovely to follow the latest trends for you wedding favours. Watch and learn!


1. Personal touch happiness

A special wedding favour is even more special when it is completely personalised. The LocoMix wedding favours are easy to adjust to your personal preferences. The online design tool makes it possible for you as a wedding couple to place your own texts and fonts on the favours. Would you like to not only have a favour that is personalised on the outside, but also on the inside? Please consider the modern Fortune Cookie boxes that are filled with a Fortune Cookie. Inside the Cookie, there is a sentence that will make you guests happy. It’s all about luck and happiness! Perfect ending of a special wedding day. 


2. Out with a bang!

Out with a bang! The end of your wedding day is a special moment. Your last opportunity to take a look at your wedding guest and to say them goodbye. With this kept in mind, LocoMix created a sparkly wedding favour, called the Love Sparklers. This favour exists of a card that is printed on both sides, in full colour, with your own favourite design. Our graphic designers created a wonderful collection but you can also completely create your own. On the card are three sparklers that can be lighted to say you goodbye! Shiny and bright!


3. Unique snack

Most of the common wedding favours are filled with sweets. Do you two fancy something special? The Weckjar Popcorn are perfect! These small Weckjars are filled with corn kernels; ready to be made popcorn of. The portion is enough for one person, it can be popped in the microwave. To make the wedding favour personal and original, the online design tool can be used to adjust the label that is attached to the glass Weckjar. Every wedding guest will be surprised with this unique snack. Will they make it sweet or savoury?


4. Long-lasting memories

What is a more long-lasting memory to your wedding day than the Green Favours from LocoMix. All of these favours are filled with plant seeds, ready to be planted! In a short amount of time, flowers will grow with the memory about a special wedding party.


5. Loaded sweet table

Are you ready to print real sweets with you wedding theme and a ‘thank you’? Start personalising the ready to be Printed Sweets. These lovely favours are the highlights of you sweet table. Every party guest will look at this table with happiness and… a growling stomach! The Printed Sweets are incredibly tasty and good looking. Order them per kilogram and make sure your sweet table is loaded with personalised sweets.


6. Fresh breath 

A clean and fresh breath is every you wish for after a long night of dancing. The mint sweets, for example: the Wedding Gum) are the best wedding favours to wish for as a wedding guest! Of course, you can personalise everything that is on our wedding favours list. Enjoy!