Lots of people renew their vows as a way to celebrate that their love has survived everything the past years has given you. Reliving the most beautiful day of your life, who doesn’t want that? Sharing your enduring love with your closest friends and family by reliving the happy occasion all over again. You can renew your vows to celebrate a wedding anniversary or to be thankful for surviving a rough patch or just because you want to! Everything you need to know about your vow renewal you’ll read in this blog, as well as lots of vow renewal ideas.


Start planning

The fun thing about a wedding vow renewal party is that there are no restrictions which you’ve might experienced during your wedding. You can wear whatever, do whatever en invite whoever you want! Every vow renewal ceremony is different. You can make a second wedding out of it but you can also choose for just the two of you speaking your vows to each other again during a simple ceremony. If you want to wear a casual outfit you can, or maybe you want to wear your wedding dress again, everything is possible! Don’t feel the pressure to invite everyone who came to your first wedding, you’re free to only invite your nearest friends and family if you wish. Whoever or how many people you invite, make sure you’ll invite them with original wedding renewal cards! Choose the mini mailbox container in which you can put your personal invitation.

Vow renewal favours

A vow renewal party requests for the right vow renewal favours to thank your guests for their attendance during your special day. Give them a little gift at the end of your vow renewal party like the wedding box favours. These boxes can be completely personalized to your own taste. You can choose your favourite ribbon colour and sweet filling. To finish it off add a personal thank you note to the vow renewal packages. If you feel like giving them something else as sweets than choose for the flower pot wedding favour which serve as a fun DIY project as well. These vow renewal favours are perfect for a spring or outdoor vow renewal ceremony.


However you decide to plan your vow renewal ceremony, remember that everything is possible and there are no right and wrongs. Choose what makes you happy and don’t forget to enjoy your special day!