Looking for the perfect Christmas wedding favours for your winter wedding? In today’s post we will highlight some of our favourite winter favours, which will definitely be appreciated by your guests. The colder days ask for appropriate favours to make sure your wedding is just perfect. We offer many different types of wedding favours, but some just work better for a winter theme. Curious? Read the rest of the article.

Our Favourite Picks for Kids Wedding Favours


Yoyo Wedding Favour

Let’s start off with our most playful wedding gift: the Yoyo wedding favour. This toy will not just make an impression on the younger ones, but all the adults will immediately think back on their childhoods as well. This fun little game will have everyone happy and cheerful in no time! The fun part is that you get to pick one of our designs to personalise or use our empty template to come-up with your own design! How many people get to say that they have personalised Yoyo’s? The perfect kids wedding favours.


Gumball Machine Kids Wedding Favour

Another great option for your child-proof wedding favours is the Gumball Machine wedding favour. This cute miniature of the well-known gumball machines contains actual gumballs but this time it will not cost you anything to get one out. These little candy machines will definitely make an impression on your guests. The cute favours become even more personal with the ‘Thank You’ note that you get to personalise. Choose one of the existing designs or come-up with your own for the perfect kids wedding favours.

A Personal Approach

At LocoMix we are not just specialised in wedding favours. We also offer wedding invitations in the same designs to give your wedding a nice theme. Because of our experience in the field we understand that you want your favours to look personal and make a great impression on your guests. Use our online design tool to add personal details to make the favours all your own. Successful kids wedding favours guaranteed!