Looking for the perfect Christmas wedding favours for your winter wedding? In today’s post we will highlight some of our favourite winter favours, which will definitely be appreciated by your guests. The colder days ask for appropriate favours to make sure your wedding is just perfect. We offer many different types of wedding favours, but some just work better for a winter theme. Curious? Read the rest of the article.

Jolly Christmas Wedding Favours


Herbal Gift Tubes

Let’s start with one of our most original products: the Herbal Gift Tubes. These amazing favours consist of a glass tube with a filling that you get to choose. The Gift Tubes have a cute craft tag as the cherry on top that you get to personalise. As this description tells you, there is a lot of room for personalisation with this favour. Our favourite filling that just screams Christmas Wedding Favours? The tea filling, with this selection your guests will have a great reason to pour themselves a nice hot cup of tea to keep them warm during these cold months. Who does not like tea?


Hot Cocoa Pack

Baby it might be cold outside, but that does not mean it has to be like that in the house as well. And what better way to celebrate a beautiful winter wedding than by drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Our Hot Cocoa Pack Christmas Wedding Favours do not only provide your guests with chocolate chips they can melt in cup of hot milk, but also some cute tiny marshmallows as a perfect topping! The bags are sealed with a craft paper card that you get to personalise. How great is that?

Looking for something different?

This is just a small selection of our wedding favour assortment. Curious to see more? Check all our wedding favours right here! Furthermore, we offer wedding invitations in the same designs, which are sure to catch the attention of your loved ones. So have a look right here. With our expertise we are more than happy to help you make your big day a great success!