Would you like to send a save the date for your wedding? Then this blog is perfect to get more information about the save the date wedding invitations from LocoMix. Of course, everything must be perfectly arranged for your wedding. Including the invitations. With these save the date wedding invitations you will leave a surprising impression. Read more!


Vellum Card

Vellum invitations are a perfect way to inform your friends and family about your special day. The Vellum overlays adds a rich layer of dimension to your invitations. Besides that, the semi-transparent overlay gives lots of possibilities regarding design. The translucent vellum overlays are combined with a single-sided printed card for a unique look. The flat card and vellum overlay will be assembled with a silver eyelet. The Botanical design has a tropical vibe, perfect for a spring/summer wedding or even a wedding abroad. The Botanical print will be printed onto the flat card, the second layer. This way, the Botanical print shows through the vellum paper. On the vellum paper, you can include the save the date.


Message in a Tin

Do you like glamour and a wedding underneath the stars? Or do you love each other to the moon and back? Select the Golden Star design for your Message in a Tin save the date invitation. You can change all the text items, the fonts, the background colour and more with the online design tool. Add your own names, wedding date and all the necessary information about your wedding day to the design. The concept of the Message in a Tin invitations include a Tin (pull open or slide open), the invitation card and an address sticker. On the back of the side of the Tin, there is room for a stamp and an address sticker. LocoMix will provide the address stickers. The Tins can be send without an envelope.