Are you having a girl or do you prefer a pink baby shower? Then this blog is perfect for you. In this blog we will tell you more about our pink baby shower favours. All of these favours has unique and pink elements in the designs. Curious? Read more!


Candy cube – Splatter

The Candy Cube baby shower favours are great small gifts for your baby shower guests. The transparent cubes come with a personalized sticker in your favourite design and the sweet filling of your choice. You can personalize the design in the online design tool. The splatter design will give your Candy Cube baby shower favours a colourful touch. The transparent cubes will be filled with the sweets of your choice. For example Jellybeans or delicious Chocolate pastils. In the tool you have the possibility to add the name of the newborn and/or the birth date or baby shower date.


Favour Tag – Classic Baby

If you like your pink baby shower favours to include a personal thank you note for all the guests, choose the personalized baby shower favour tags (5cm x 5cm) with matching ribbon. You can alter the single-side printed custom gift tags yourself with the help of our online design tool. The Classic Baby design for the Favour Tags is classic and colourful. You can choose a ribbon colour, paper finish and select whether you would like the corners to be round or square.


Flower Pots – Stars

The Stars design is great for any baby shower favour or as a keepsake for a baby party. The Stars design has cute stars in colours white and black. The background of the design had a pink colour. You can adjust the design in the online design tool. You can add your own texts to the wrapper and try different fonts to make the design perfect for your Flowerpot baby shower favours. The Flower Pot pink baby shower favours are the cutest souvenirs you will find! The flower seeds can be symbolic for the growth of the little one. The mini terracotta Flowerpots will be filled with the flower seeds of your choice, for example with sunflower, passion flower or lucky clover, and a nutrients tablet.