Congratulations! You two are getting married! To make sure that all of your guests will be present on your special day, a personalised wedding invitation can be made for them. At LocoMix we have created several unique wedding invitations that can be personalised by using our online design tool. In this blogpost we will tell you more about the trends and our unique wedding invitations.

Modern personalised wedding invitations

Over time, we see a change in the way that unique wedding invitations look like. In the past, mostly simple and little cards are used to invite every wedding guest. Currently, there are lots of possibilities to invite everyone! At LocoMix, we have created a lot of unique concepts that are all very special. Custom wedding cards are those which are not forgotten easily. People will look forward to your wedding day!




Design your own invitations and wedding favours

The special goal of LocoMix is to make you comfortable and enthusiastic about our online design tool. This tool is especially developed for easy usage and personalising your own invitations. Are you looking for special favours too? To make your guests happy and to thank them for coming? Take a look at our unique wedding favours. We have created all different sorts of nice favours. Most of them include lovely sweets or salty snacks. But, we also have green favours: favours with all sorts of flower seeds. Did we create any curiosity within you? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!