Diaper cakes are a fun element of baby showers but today we want to discuss other funny baby shower cakes. While having a regular cake can be delicious, consider a different type of cake to take the baby shower to the next level. Using baby shower favours and piling them in such a way they look like a cake can be a great addition to the decor of your event.

Funny Baby Shower Cakes done differently

A lot of our cute baby shower favours lend themselves really well to serve as a base for building your funny baby shower cakes. Depending on the number of guests you can decide whether you want a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional cake. Stacking the favours in different tiers will make them appear as if they were in fact a cake. If you have more favours you could make the cake three-dimensional by placing the favours in a circle at first. Stacking the next layer in a smaller circle will make it appear as if the cake has multiple layers.

Baby Shower Flower Pots

One of the baby shower favours that lends itself really well to make funny baby shower cakes is the Flower Pot. This cute favour contains a miniature terracotta flower pot in which a nutrients tablet and seeds of your choice are placed. The wrapper around the Flower Pot favour makes sure the contents of the favour do not get lost. With seven different types of seeds to choose from your favours will definitely fit your wants and needs. The wrappers of the Flower Pots can be personalised to contain a funny message or picture to contribute to the idea of original and funny baby shower cakes.


Not sure yet?

Check-out our different baby shower favours to find the perfect match for creating funny baby shower cakes. Or choose different favours in the same style to create a designated look for your event. The mommy-to-be will definitely appreciate the effort! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. With our years of expertise we’d be more than happy to help you out!