The Exploding Confetti Card is the newest cards in our webshop! To make sure you have the coolest wedding invitation ever, take a look at the examples exposed in this blog. We will tell you all about it! Because, who doesn’t like the sparkle of a confetti card?


Confetti Card: exploding cube!

This paper cube is printed with a design that matches your wedding theme. The idea is to first choose the design, then start the personalisation of all the sides of the cube. This can be done in our online design tool. After that you have created the perfect wedding card, the confetti is ready to be chosen. Wedding invitations are the best if you create one theme that matches everything. Colours for the confetti are selected with care so they match each card.

Lets Party

The pop up cube will be opened by pulling the tear strip on the envelope. This envelope is standard white and won’t reveal the special message before the receiver entirely opens the envelope. After opening the envelope, the cube will jump out of it. While jumping out of the envelope, the confetti sprinkles make a beautiful and festive look!



An Exploding Confetti Card can jump around again, when you you push it flat in the middle. If the receiver wants to take a look a the card for a longer time, the cube can easily stand on itself. Therefore, it is easy to put it on the windowsill! With the theme of you wedding, the card is modern and special.

If you are interested in this exploding confetti card, go to the product page to see all the designs for the Pop Up Cube!