When organising a baby shower, a lot of different questions arise. What you want to do during the party? Where will the party be held? What do you need as a thank you for the guests? To help you make a few of these decisions, we will give you some possible answers to these questions!

A baby shower theme is the most important thing to start with. What would you like the party to be themed. Do you use a classic theme with a blue or pink base? Or do you want a minimalistic theme that is a bit more modern? There is no wrong theme. It is just key to make sure all decorations and favours are in the same theme!

Baby shower favours

To make sure the theme is clearly implemented during the whole baby shower. You can easily design your own baby shower favours with a personal touch! Choose a design and font style that matches the theme. The guests that will attend the baby shower will be thrilled to take home personalised baby shower favours.


Baby shower snacks

Also, you can make the snacks fully themed that can be eaten during the baby shower. For example, the Mini Chocolate favours or the Mini Mint Rolls. These favours can be personalised with the same theme as the rest of your babyshower.

Baby shower decorations

At last, you can buy some personalised decorations. For example: burn some cute candles with the same theme as the rest of the party. Also, the baby shower favour tags can be used to simplify the table arrangement. The guests can find out where there seat is by just looking at the cute tags!