Choosing how you will decorate your wedding is one of the biggest and most fun tasks at hand and having a Wedding Sweet Table can really add to the experience. In today’s blog we will discuss how to go about choosing the perfect sweets for your wedding decor. Because having nice decorations will make your day even more memorable. With our years of experience we are more than willing to help you out.


Why have a Wedding Sweet Table?

Having a Wedding Sweet Table can really make your wedding even more unforgettable. In essence it is a table full of personal sweets to provide your guests with a sugar rush that will keep them dancing all night long. There are a lot of fun ways you can display your sweets, which is why we’ll highlight some of our favourite personal wedding sweets options and how we would style them. It will give you a perfect example of how your table full of sweets can look.


Mini Mint to Be

The Mini Mint to Be wedding favours are a great option for your candy decorations. These little rolls of mints come with a personal wrapper that you either get to design or base on one of our many designs. The wrappers can easily be matched to the rest of the Wedding decorations by choosing the colours in the design wisely. During a day full of lovely food and drinks, having a fresh candy option can be a nice little break. Use a nice vase or drape the favours across the table as if they were flowing from a cornucopia.


Printed Marshmallows 

While having candy with a personal wrapper as part of your Wedding Sweet Table can be great, how awesome would it be to have actual personalised candy? The Printed Marshmallows feature your chosen design on the front to make sure your candy will not be forgotten. The many cute designs offer countless personalisation options and look great with your personal details added to them. The Marshmallows can be strung together to form a chain or placed in a high vase.


Personalised Candy Hearts

Finally, the Personalised Candy Hearts, one of our personal favourites. These cute little hearts will look great on your Wedding Sweet Table. The Candy Hearts come in four different colours and become the perfect personal sweets when personalised with our online design tool. We offer many different designs that you can totally personalise to make it fit for your big day. The sweets can be displayed in many different ways to add the perfect touch to your table full of sweets.


Has this post made you interested in all the personal candy table favours we have to offer? Be sure to check out our page dedicated to all the different options we offer. At LocoMix we don’t just specialise in candy favours, but we offer many different, original wedding favours. With favours at different price ranges we’re pretty sure that we’re able to help you with your perfect wedding favours. Have fun picking and designing your personal wedding favours!