Your wedding day is finally here! Of course you have thought about every detail, from your venue till your wedding dress. But have you thought of wedding favours to give to your guests? Wedding favours are the perfect, small gift to let your wedding guests know how much you’ve appreciated their attendance at your wedding. Wedding favours can be as big or small as you wish, it is the thought that counts. Especially wedding favours with candy or chocolate will always hit the spot with your wedding guests!

Original wedding favours

Remember the Conversation Hearts you used to eat as a child? Also known as: Sweet Hearts, Candy Hearts or Love hearts. The little heart shaped wedding favours each have special messages on them. Now you can make your own with your own personalised message. Add your names and wedding date or a thank you message on the sweets. Perfect as wedding favours or to make your sweet table complete! These personalised Conversation Hearts for weddings will fit every wedding theme. Of course these Conversation Hearts favours are perfect gifts for babyshowers as well.


Design your personalised Conversation Hearts for wedding

The Conversation Hearts come in a mix of pink, yellow, orange and white hearts and have different fruit flavours. The candy wedding favours can be ordered in kilos. One kilo of Conversation Hearts for weddings holds around 370 sweets. On the back of the hearts, there are random love-related words in English, German and Dutch such like love, kiss, and sweet. Perfect to give to match the romantic feeling of your wedding. A fun fact about these Conversation Hearts favours is that there only fit 6 or 7 letters on the hearts, that’s why only short words are printed on them!

Choose on of our many designs and start personalizing it in our online design tool. Simply open the tool and click on the elements you would like to change such like the colour and text font. Note that light colours and text elements below 8pt. might not be readable. After customising the design, press the shopping cart icon to start the checkout. If you need any help working the online design tool or if you have any other questions you can always contact our designers, we are happy to help!