Read everything about candy wedding favours from LocoMix in this blog. After a beautiful ceremony and reception where the guests will probably have eaten a lot and maybe have been drinking even, something sweet or minty to end the evening is a must. LocoMix offers many different candy wedding favours. You read more about these favours in this blog.  


Mini Pail – Mistletoe

A Mini Pail with a personal Wedding Tag and the sweet filling of your choice. That is the concept of the Mini Candy Pail wedding favours. For both the Mini Pail and the Wedding Tags, you have different options to choose from. You can choose the sweet filling for the Mini Pails and the ribbon colour, edge finish and paper finish for the Wedding Tags. This way you are able to create your own unique wedding favours. The Mistletoe design is elegant and simple. The colours in the standard design are black and white, but you can easily add more colours to the design.


Mini Mint Rolls - Marble & Gold    

You can give your wedding guests a refreshing favour at the end of your wedding. These small Mint Rolls are personalized wedding favours with a unique design on the covering. You can place your own text and a special message to the guests on the cover of your personalized Mini Mint to Be’s. The Marble & Gold design is perfect for a luxurious theme. The marble background and gold coloured line fit the wrapping of the Mini Mint to Be wedding favours perfectly. You can order the gifts per box of 75 pieces.  


Round Tin – Gatsby

The Round Tin wedding favours are silver tins with a personalized label in the design of your choice. Most of the time you can alter texts, elements, images and select your favourite colours and fonts. To complete your wedding favours you can order your favourite sweet filling. For example toffees, jellybeans or mints. The Gatsby design will give your Candy wedding favours an elegant touch. The white label is covered with a gold pattern. In the middle of the label, an element has been placed, that has enough space for a small thank you note.