Let’s talk about the cutest baby shower favour ideas! Organising a baby shower is not only a fun thing to do, it also showers the mommy-to-be with some well deserved gifts and love. But deciding how to go about organising a great shower can be difficult. At LocoMix we specialise in baby showers, which is why we would love to help you out. In today’s post we list three different favors that are perfect for your event!

Our favourite baby shower favour ideas

Baby Shower Pillow Favours

Pillows are great for resting, but guess what? They are great for holding candy as well, which is why the Mini Pillow favors are a great choice for your event! The boxes hold a sticker with your personalised design and contain sweets of your choice. These favors will definitely be appreciated by your guests. Therefore we’ve decided to include these Pillow boxes in our baby shower favor ideas. Just like the Sparklers these gifts are really affordable and can be customized to fit your special event!



Let’s start with a favor that will definitely spark the attention of your guests! The baby shower Sparklers are a unique gift that will not be forgotten anytime soon. The gift consists of a ‘Thank You’ card printed on both sides with a theme of your choosing or designing, which has two holes punctured in the middle to hold the three sparklers. These favors are not only fun to give to the guests of the baby shower, they can be used as photo props as well. Multiple purposes and super affordable!


Baby Shower Weck Jars 

Finally, a fan favourite, the baby shower Weck Jar favours. These cute gifts are super stylish and work great with any decor you have in mind. The jars are see-through and can be filled with candy of your choice. So you can choose candy that will match the colours of your party. The sticker on the jar features your personalised or personal design. These cute jars will not be forgotten and are very durable because of the sturdy glass used to make them.


Different options?

These are just a few baby shower favor ideas, but feel free to look at all our unique favors that are suitable for baby showers. With gifts that fit with every price range there will most likely be an option that is perfect for you. Combine multiple favors to create a stylish look and carry-out a general theme during the party. Have fun designing the favours and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.