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Flower Seed Wedding Favours


Flower Favours: Weckjar with flowerseeds filling.


Green Weck Jar favours


"Let Love Grow" is a commonly used expression related to these Green Weck Jar wedding favours. Perfect for an outdoor or garden themed wedding. This modern type of flower pot has a personalised wrapper with enough space for a personal note to all your wedding guests. Different type of flower seeds are available: sunflower, passion flower, burning love and 'lucky' clover. Besides the flower seeds, a coco tablet that holds all the necessary nutrients is included.


Green watering can: outdoor wedding favours filled with flower seeds


Green Watering can favours


The Green Watering Cans are small planting kit wedding favours. You can choose Passion Flower, Burning Love, Forget Me Not, Sunflower, Four-Leaved Clover, Strawberry or Edible Flower seeds as a filling for your Watering Can Planting Kit favours. You guests don’t need green fingers for these Green watering can favours; simply add water to the coco tablet and a moist potting soil occurs.


 Personalised Green Bag Wedding Favours with seeds


Plantable Green Bag Favours


Green Bag wedding favours are original and unique. The plantable wedding favours come with the flower seeds of your choice! The silver metallic sachets are filled with two coco tablets and will be tagged with a favour sticker in the design of your choice. Order your Green Bag wedding favours with a personalised favour sticker. You can personalise the favour sticker yourself by using our online Design Tool. These festive wedding favours with are a great way to thank your guests.


Flower seed Favours: plantable seedpaper Flowerbags


Flowerbags wedding favours


Plantable seed paper confetti with wildflower seeds in a personalised seed packet; that are the Flowerbags wedding favours. These favours are high in quality, affordable, personalised, unique and unforgettable. What's more to want in a wedding favour! The seed packets include a plant instruction so that they are also manageble for the guests without green fingers. 'Plant a memory' with these wildflower confetti seed paper wedding favours.


Flowerpots: outdoor wedding favours filled with flower seeds


Flowerpots wedding favours


Flower pots are perfect for a garden themed or outdoor wedding. These Flower pot wedding favours include a personalised wrapper, a coco tablet, teracotta pot and flowerseeds. For the wrapper is a whole collection designs available, but it is also possible to create your own design for the flower seed wedding favours. Last but not least, choose your favourite type of flower seeds to give to your wedding guests. These plant favours are also perfect for a DIY!


Flower seed Favours: green mini pails


Mini Pails wedding favours


Mini Pail wedding favours have the perfect appearance for a garden themed or outdoor wedding. Plant a memory or let love grow with these adorable and unique floral wedding favours. The concept includes a mini pail, a personalised wrapper, a coco tablet with all the necessary nutrients and flower seeds. Choose your type of flower seeds for these plant favours before you start personalising the wrapper in our online Design Tool!


Flower seed wedding favours | Perfect for an outdoor wedding

In this category wedding favours you find flower seed favours, which grow and blossom after planting. Flower favours are unique, personalised, affordable and unforgettable. Perfect for your garden themed or outdoor wedding. The flower seed wedding favours come in different forms; from a traditional flower pot to plantable seed paper confetti sachets. So think out of the box and surprise your guests with a plant favour!


What all different floral favours have in common, is that the design can be personalised and that you can select different types of flower seeds. After selecting a design of your preference, you choose your favourite flower seeds, and click on ‘Design Your Own’. This button opens the online Design Tool and lets you adjust the design for your flower seed wedding favours.


Your wedding guests don’t need green fingers for these floral favours. The flower seed wedding favours contain all required items to germinate the flower seeds. A coco tablet that holds all necessary nutrients is, when needed, part of our green wedding favours. Your friends and family only need to add 150 ml of water to the coco tablet, and the solid tablet transforms into soft potting soil. Plant the seeds into the potting soil and ‘Let love grow’.