The celebration of a wedding is something that nobody wants to miss! All of your loved ones together, celebrating the best day of your live. To make sure every guest feels thought of, it is nice to present them with some favours. Unusual wedding favours are meant for every wedding couple who likes to be different and unique. LocoMix has created some unusual wedding favours that are personal because of the wrapping, label or sticker that can be adjusted to your personal preferences. Take a look at the following unusual wedding favours to see if you can find you like:


Love is poppin’: Popcorn Weck Jar 

Love is literally poppin’ since the corn kernels inside this Weck Jar are ready to be popped into popcorn! The glass Weck Jars are the perfect example of unique wedding favours. The label is printed on a lovely kraft paper, leaving you with a modern wedding favour that is ready to be given. Make your own design on the kraft label, our online design tool will show you how to. Adjust the text and say ‘thank you!’ to all of your wedding guests. The personalised wedding favours can be ordered from 20 pieces and the popcorn is ready to pop. Enjoy! 


Surprising Green Flower Seed Pails   

Mini Pails filled with flower seeds of your choice. The seeds are ready to be planted, since there is a seed tablet inside the Mini Pails. A lovely remembrance about a special wedding day! The wrapping of the Pails are to be personalised. Use our online design tool to adjust the theme to your own wedding theme. Surprising plant wedding favours for every wedding!


Prosecco Bottles: a luxury favour

Are you looking for a little extra? The luxury Prosecco Bottles wedding favours are the perfect choice of unusual wedding favours. Little bottles filled with enough prosecco for one person. The label on the bottle is ready for you own text and wishes. Try out our online design tool and make sure every wedding guest will be surprised and happy! You can also choose a lovely ribbon to go with it. Who wouldn’t like this unusual wedding favour.