What is a better wedding favour than something fresh! After an entire day of eating and drinking, you can’t go wrong with some light refreshments. To make this complete, add your personal message to one of the mint favours to say thank you to your guests. A little appreciation can go a long way!

Some couples go for a sweet wedding favour at the end of their wedding, but how nice would it be to go for a fresh wedding favour with a personal message. Choose something they don’t expect! LocoMix offers three different kind of mint wedding favours. There’s a choice between Sportlife chewing gum, Tic Tac mints and printed mints. Each fresh wedding favour has the option to personalise with our online design tool. This means that you can add a personal text on the mint favours. Put your names, wedding date and message on the wedding favours. On top of the text, it’s also possible to personalise overall design in general along with adding a personal picture. In this way it’s not just a wedding mint favour, it’s a unique memory about your beautiful wedding day!

Personalised mint wedding favours

Everyone knows the Tic Tac mints. The 18g Tic Tac box is tagged with a personalised sticker. Your personalised sticker will replace the brand sticker of the personalised Tic Tac. For the sticker, you can choose one from the multiple designs and it’s even possible to create your own design.



With Locomix you can also take the more traditional approach with original mint favour chewing gum! This refreshing personalised Chewing Gum from Sportlife is sugar free and comes in a package that contains twelve pieces. You can also choose the fresh ‘Smashmint’ flavour. The sleeve of the gum package can be personalised. Pick one of your favourite designs and start personalising!

The last option are the printed mints. A fresh mint that can be printed with your own design. There are more than ten standard options. Do you like hearts, champagne glasses, rings or flowers? There’s more than enough space to add your names and the wedding date. A perfect fresh mint wedding favour for every wedding! Good to know for all the wedding mint favours: don’t forget to use the online design tool and start customizing by pressing the ‘Design and Order’ button. All the fresh mint favours can be ordered from 20 pieces. Select your amount of favours in our selection menu.