We know that your wedding day will be the most important and beautiful day of your life. Saying yes to the one you want to spend your life together with and love is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, everyone knows that getting married can be expensive. You’ve probably saved a few years to make sure you can realise your big day. Fortunately there’s a way to lower the costs by our cheap wedding favour ideas!

Of course, we understand that you want your wedding to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let’s say for most of the couples. But there’s a price for perfect. Paying for a wedding location, decorations and a live band is not cheap these days. And don’t forget about the most expensive thing of the day: the white wedding dress. It’s a fact, the costs for a wedding will run up high easily.

Inexpensive wedding favours

We are wondering, have you already spent most of your budget? And did you perhaps forget about something important? We can hear you think, and we can tell you one thing: you’re not the only one who forgot about the wedding favours. Picking wedding favours for all your guests is something couples often do at the last moment. Not to worry if you’ve almost run out of budget; LocoMix has a wide range of inexpensive wedding favours that are perfect for all styles of weddings!

How nice would it be to save some of the costs because of our wedding favour cheap ideas? For us it’s easy to say that they are indispensable! Locomix offer quality that matches other premium products but only at a fraction of the cost! Rest assured; spending less than one or two pounds on wedding favours doesn’t say anything about the value of the gift. If the sentiment is there, your friends and family will appreciate the gesture from you and your loved one. They show your guests how important they are to you and how kind it is that they spend this beautiful day with you.




Wedding favour ideas on a budget

Looking for some ideas for a wedding favour on a budget? We offer a lot of different cheap wedding favour ideas with or without sweet candy and there’s enough space for a personal message. You can adjust every wedding favour in our online design tool. Choose the colours and text you like and make your cheap ideas wedding favours become real. Let’s get to work and find out all the options on your perfect wedding favours!