Is it time you let others know about the special bridal shower you and the other bridesmaids have been planning for the bride-to-be? Of course, all the important women in her life will be there! LocoMix has the perfect bridal shower invitations to suit the shower you have arranged. It’s time to add the last finishing touches and pick the right one!

The right bridal shower invitations

To find the perfect wedding shower invitation it’s important to know what you want for the bride-to-be. What kind of person is she, what does she love, and which colours suits her personality the most? You’re probably close friends with her, so hopefully this is going to be an easy one because you know what she likes! To make sure that the shower invitations suit the bride, it’s important that the bridal shower invitation is personal. We are sure that, to the bride, the bridal shower is almost even important as the big wedding. Everything must be perfect!

A personal wedding shower invitation says so much more than an un-personalised one. Lucky for you, LocoMix offers a lot of wedding invitations with different designs and options to personalise with the online design tool. Start with picking your favourite design and click on the ‘Design and Order’ button. You can change every design with other colours, pictures, and backgrounds. Of course, you can add your own text and important information about the bridal shower invitation. Don’t forget to change the font style and size. All the choices are up to you! If you know the bride, you also know what she likes. One thing is sure: the bridal shower invitations will be amazing!



Matching wedding shower favours

After you picked out the bridal shower invitations, we think the bride would like to show a way of appreciation to all her guests. How nice would it be to give everyone who was at the bridal shower a wedding favour to remember the lovely shower? It would even be better if the wedding favours match with the wedding shower invitations, right? That’s not a problem for us because we have a lot of designs who could be used for a shower invitation and wedding favour at the same time.

Now it’s time to make another choice! Are you going for favours with or without candy? You can choose between fourteen different kinds of candy. Or are you going for green wedding favours? It doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as it suits the bride. We know there’s a lot to choose from and it’s going to be a tough one! Good luck!