The 22th of December 2017 Annic and Robert got married in secret. They said yes during a romantic ceremony in a boat on the canals of Amsterdam. A wedding without wedding favours is, of course, not complete. That is why Annic and Robert arranged a goodie bag for their wedding guests, which, among other things, included the personalised wedding favours of LocoMix. Would you like to know what Annic and Robert gave away to their family and close friends? In this blog you can read everything about their personalised wedding favours!

The newlywed couple choose to surprise their guests with different favours. Their guests could find the LoveBirds- and Candy Ball favours in their goodie bags, the wedding cameras could be found on the boat during the ceremony and the Love Sparkler favours where lit by the guests when Annic and Robert got off the boat as mister and misses ten Duis.


Love Birds favours

The LoveBirds wedding favours are actually salt and pepper shakers. These favours are the perfect gift for an onging memory of their special day. After the wedding, the guests can use the LoveBirds favours in the kitchen. The LoveBird favours are packed in a small gift box. A personalised sleeve will be put over the small gift box. With this sleeve, you can give your wedding favours the style you like! Choose, just as Annic and Robert, for an elegant design by using white as a base with black accents. It is also possible to choose a more colourful design from the standard collection. If you can’t find the style you are looking for, it is always possible to create your own design!

Sparkler wedding favours

Are you looking to make an spectacular entrance or exit, than you need the Love Sparklers wedding  favours. Three sparklers will be put into a small favour card for which you can choose or make a design yourself. Hand them, just as Annic and Robert, to your wedding guests so that they can make a sparkling arch while you exit the wedding venue. Fantastic romantic photos are guaranteed!


Romantic Candy Ball Bauble

The transparent Candy Ball Baubles can, of course, be filled with your favourite kind of candy. However, to give this favour a more elegant and stylish touch, you can also fill the Candy Ball Bauble favours with something more romantic like flowers, like Annic and Robert did. The Candy Ball Bauble comes with a ribbon in your favourite colour.


Disposable Wedding Cameras

The disposable Wedding Cameras are a great way to let your wedding guests capture your wedding from their side. We assure you that this is a great addition next to the professional photo and maybe even video maker. Your wedding guests will take pictures of the moments that you, your partner and the professionals will maybe miss. Besides. The disposable Cameras have a great elegant sleeve with which they will look great at every wedding!


While Annic and Robert choose four different favours, together, it is a great combination. This because of the personalised cards and sleeves that are all designed in the same style. Are you also looking for different wedding favours but would you like them to look like a great match? Choose the same design we prepared for you or choose the Create Your Own design for all the wedding favours you like! When the stickers, labels, cards and sleeves all have the same style, you can’t go wrong!